Jiangsu Provincial Archives Administration

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  Main Functions:

  1.      To implement the party and state guiding principle, policies and regulations on work related to archives; to guide, inspect and supervise the implementation of Archives Law.

  2.      To formulate regional rules and regulations, take care of the interpretation, and perform the archival administrative functions according to the law within the administrative area; to formulate principles and policies for the development of the archival work within the province and be responsible for the implementation.

  3.      To make an overall plan for the undertakings of archives within the province and exercise macro management; to arrange, guide, inspect, supervise and coordinate archival work of the province-level organs, public organizations, enterprises, institutions, cities and counties (towns, districts) under our jurisdiction and that of economic sector, science and technology and key projects.

  4.      To collect and exercise centralized management on important archives and historical and social records of the CPC provincial committee, the provincial people’s congress, the provincial government, the provincial political consultative conference, the provincial commission for discipline inspection and various province-level organs and institutions; to be engaged in archives reception, collection, arrangement, preservation, evaluation, and statistics; to guard party and state secrets and keep archives complete and safe.

  5.      To arrange the utilization, compilation and research, publicity and publishing of archives; to make public selected historical archives as planned; to wage such educational campaigns as archive exhibition and provide extensive services to the society.

  6.      To carry out programs of preserving archival technologies.

  7.      To be responsible for the modernization of archives management and the administration of archives scientific research; to launch R&D programs on archival technologies and application programs on positive results of modern technology in archival work; to be engaged in the supervision and administration of archival technology products according to the law in an effort to promote the development of archival technologies.

  8.      To make team building plans for the archival work across the province and arrange professional training and educational programs for archival talents; to take charge of work related to the evaluation of professional and technical titles of archive practitioners in Jiangsu.

  9.      To carry out foreign exchanges in archival work within the province; to collect documents and historical data about Jiangsu that were scattered abroad.

        To undertake other tasks assigned by the CPC provincial committee and the provincial government.

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