Jiangsu Sport Administration

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 Major functions

(1) To implement the state guidelines and policies and enforce laws, rules and regulations related to sports; to draw up the drafts of local rules and regulations on sports affairs and formulate relevant policies in the light of the actual circumstances in this Province and supervise the implementation of relevant rules, regulations and policies.

(2) To push ahead the reform of sports system, and study and formulate the Province’s development strategy and goals of sports; to formulate the mid–term and long–term development planning and annual plans of the Province’s sports undertakings, and supervise relevant implementation.

(3) To direct the Province’s work on sports and coordinate the sports development in the Province.

(4) To direct, supervise and help departments, industries and social organizations in the Province to actively carry out sports activities; to organize and direct the survey and determination of national people’s constitution, promote the socialization of sports and carry out nation-wide body-building activities.

(5) To be responsible for overall planning of the layout of this Province’s sports events and games; to study and direct the construction of outstanding athletes groups and amateur training; to set standards for athlete’s salaries and formulate rewarding policies and standards in cooperation with relevant departments; to strengthen the ideological and political work of athletes.

(6) To be responsible for the administration and preparation of important international and domestic sports events held in the Province as well as the Province’s participation in international and domestic comprehensive games; to direct, coordinate and supervise Provincial sports competitions.

(7) To study and formulate policies and plans for foreign related sports affairs; to conduct sports cooperation and exchange with foreign countries and with Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan region; to direct and administrate foreign related sported affairs of the Province and to undertake foreign aid tasks assigned by State General Administration of Sport.

(8) To organize and direct the study and publicity of sports; to develop sports education and to train sports cadres and professional sports personnel jointly with relevant departments.

(9) To be responsible for the planning and management of sports fund in the Province; to formulate and coordinate the layout of sports facilities jointly with relevant departments; to set the standards for the installation of sports facilities and equipment.

(10) To cultivate and develop the sports industry and administrate the sports market; to study and draft rules and regulations on sports economy, commercial activities and sports market management, e.g. sports entertainment, competition and performance, training, technology and information; to set conditions and ratification procedures for the running of sports business as well as the norms of sports industry.

(11) To direct the work of sports societies such as the Provincial Sports Federation and various sports associations; to be responsible for the qualification verification of sports societies and sports clubs of the Province.

(12) To undertake other assignments from Provincial Government.

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