Jiangsu Statistics Bureau

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 Major functions

(1) To draw up the drafts of local regulations, policies and plan in relation to the statistical work in the Province, and to organize the implementation of such rules and regulations and policies and supervise the statistical work in cities and departments.

(2) To establish and improve the statistical target system and uniform basic statistics system and work out a plan for statistic research; to implement the national guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to statistic work; to manage and supervise all statistical projects in the province; to be responsible for the examination and approval of the plans and schemes for statistic research in cities and departments.

(3) To organize the major survey of the situation and power of the Province in accordance with the national arrangement and the requirement of the provincial government and provincial party committee, to select, arrange and provide the basic statistical information and materials; to be responsible for the statistical analysis, statistical forecast and statistical supervision of national economy, scientific and technological advancement and social development, and provide timely statistical information and consulting suggestions to the provincial party committee and the Provincial government.

(4) To conduct centralized assessment, verification, administration and publicizing of the basic statistical information of the Province, and periodically publicize the statistical information of national economy, scientific and technological advancement and social development.

(5) To plan and manage the automatic system of statistical information and the statistical database system. To organize and coordinate the construction of the statistical database net of all the cities and departments.

(6) To lead and manage the city’s social economy investigation team, investigation team of rural social economy and enterprises investigation team as authorized by the State Statistics Bureau; to assist in the management of the major officials of statistic departments of all the cities.

(7) To direct and supervise the works of the institutions directly affiliated to the provincial statistics bureau.

(8) To undertake other matters assigned by the Provincial Government.

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