Jiangsu Administration for Industry and Commerce

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Major functions

(1) To direct the implementation of the national guidelines, policies and laws, rules and regulations related to the administration of industry and commerce; to study and draw up the drafts of local regulations, rules and policies, standard papers concerning the administration for industry and commerce.

(2) To be in charge of the work of registration of industrial and commercial enterprises and units engaged in operational activities and individual persons, to check and ratify the names of enterprises to be registered according to law, to affirm operational qualifications, to approve and issue the business licenses.

(3) To be responsible for the administration and supervision of the operations of all kinds of enterprises, including foreign invested enterprises and representative agencies, and to conduct annual examination in these enterprises.

(4) To organize the supervision and administration of market transaction acts; to investigate and punish the acts such as monopolies, unfair competitions, commercial frauds and smuggling and traffic in smuggle goods in the circulation field as well as other cases that violate economic laws and rules.

(5) To organize the protection of consumers’ legitimate rights and interests, to accept and handle the complaints of consumers, and to organize the investigation and punishment of cases that infringe the rights and interests of consumers; and to organize the investigation and punishment of acts dealing in adulterated and phony products in the market operational activities.

(6) To supervise and administrate all kinds of consumer goods markets and capital goods markets according to law;

to organize the registration and statistical work in all kinds of markets; to standardize the operation in the markets; and to supervise and administrate brokers, brokerages and related intermediary service agencies.

(7) To organize the implementation of administrative supervision of contracts, to organize the investigation and punishment of acts that violate laws and rules by utilizing contracts, and to organize and administrate the registration of chattel mortgage, and to participate according to law in the supervision and administration of auction acts.

(8) To administrate, supervise and standardize the operation of all individual, partnership and private enterprises in the Province.

(9) To protect the exclusive right to use trademark, and to supervise and administrate the use and print of trademarks; and to direct the work of the application for affirmation of well-known trademarks and the work of trademark agencies.

(10) To supervise and administrate the acts of advertisement release and operational activities of advertisement according to law, and direct the work of advertisement examination agencies.

(11) To be responsible for the personnel, finance and discipline supervision work in all administrations for industry and commerce around the province.

(12) To direct and supervise the works of the institutions directly affiliated to the provincial administration for industry and commerce.

(13) To undertake other matters assigned by the provincial Government and state administration for industry and commerce.

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