Jiangsu Press and Publication Administration

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Major functions

(1) To study and draw up the drafts of local rules and regulations on affairs of press, publication and copyright, and formulate relevant policies.

(2) To be responsible for the development planning of press and publication industry, and direct the relevant implementation.

(3) To be responsible for the examination and verification or the examination and approval of the establishment and alteration of units which undertake publication, printing, duplicating, distribution, exportation and importation of books, newspapers, magazines and electronic publications.

(4) To supervise and administrate the press and publication activities in the province and to punish the illegal activities of publication, printing, duplication and distribution.

(5) To be responsible for the supervision of the printing industry.

(6) To draw out the draft macro regulation policies for the publication markets around the province, and to work out and implement policies in dealing with cases related to pornography and illegal publications.

(7) To be responsible for the administration of publication and printing of electronic publications.

(8) To organize and direct the publication of teaching books and important CPC and national materials.

(9) To be responsible for the administration of copyright; to investigate and punish the illegal infringement of copyright.

(10) To be put under direct administration the cooperation and exchange with foreign countries in term of press and publication and copyright; to administer and coordinate the  import and export trade of publications jointly with relevant departments.

(11) To be responsible for the collection, arrangement and publication of ancient classical works in the Province.

(12) To work out a program for the scientific and technological development in the press and publication industry and organize and coordinate the scientific and technological development in the industry.

(13) To be responsible for the personnel work and training program in the industry, and to be responsible for the contact of relevant associations.

(14) To undertake other matters assigned by the provincial government.

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