Jiangsu Food and Drug Administration

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Major functions

(1) To implement the national guidelines, policies, and laws, rules and regulations relating to food and drug administration, and to draw up the drafts of the local rules and regulations.

(2) To fulfill the comprehensive supervision duties over the safety administration of food and drug in the Province.

(3) To be responsible for the initial examination of new drugs, imitation drugs, protective varieties of Chinese traditional medicines, to organize the carry-out of the OTC system; to examine the export drugs; to be responsible for the re-assessment of drugs and the monitor of the untoward reaction of drugs.

(4) To be responsible for the approval and issuance of permits for production and business operation enterprises of drugs and medical instruments as well as preparation production by the medical units, to organize the authentication of drug production and quality management norm of operating enterprises according to law, to be responsible for preliminary examination of and clinic research bases.

(5) To supervise the implementation of regulations related to safety food and drug production, and to be responsible for the approval and issuance of registration for drug package materials.

(6) To examine and approve the drug advertisements, to organize and conduct the investigation and handling of major safety accidents and cases, and to supervise the market of traditional Chinese medicine with relevant departments. 

(7) To supervise and control the narcotics, psychotropic drugs, toxic drugs, drug-relief medicine, radiopharmaceuticals, and special medical instruments according to law.

(8) To be responsible for the registration of practicing pharmacists; to organize the implementation and supervisory administration of practicing pharmacists qualification system.

(9) To direct the work of food and drug examination and supervision in the whole Province.

(10) To undertake other matters assigned by the Provincial Government.

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