Jiangsu Price Bureau

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  Main Functions:

  1.        To draft and put into place laws, regulations, policies and measures of the province’s price control in accordance with the Price Law of the People’s Republic of China and the Price Control and Oversight Regulation of Jiangsu.

  2.        To formulate plans for reform of the pricing mechanism and annual working plans, and put into place reform measures of the pricing mechanism; to propose expected regulatory targets for overall price level in the province and regulatory measures and suggestions, which will be implemented upon approval.

  3.        To work on the establishment of the accountability system of targets to be attained by regulation of overall price level, the fund system for price regulation, the reserve system of major commodities and measures of price intervention; to set up the research mechanism of product costs and the monitoring mechanism of prices, and to make a clear picture of product costs in the province and maintain ongoing oversight and monitoring over prices.

  4.        To formulate the province’s catalogue of pricing, exercise administration over prices and charges of products and services in accordance with law, formulate standards for prices and charges of products and services that are within its jurisdiction, hold public hearings to price changes, issue announcements on prices and charges, and promote the system of transparent pricing.

  5.        To assist in the implementation of prices and charges decided by price authorities at the State Council and other relevant government departments, and propose suggestions adjusting prices and charges.

  6.        To guide and oversee administrative work on prices and charges of other provincial government departments and governments at municipal and county levels; to settle price disputes.

  7.        To maintain price order in the market, to identify illegitimate pricing such as price monopoly and dumping, crack down on unjustified fee collections, and maintain fair competition in the market.

  8.        To supervise and check pricing in the province and carry out administrative punishments on violations; to set up the reporting system of violations of price regulations, provide guidance to the public for their oversight of prices; to accept and handle price-related cases of administrative reconsideration; to examine and manage verification of prices in the province.    

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