Provincial Surveying and Mapping Bureau

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  Main Functions:

  1.      To carry out the laws, regulations and guidelines of national surveying and mapping work, entrusted to draw up regulations and rules of surveying and mapping work in the province, to formulate development plans for surveying and mapping work in the province and supervise implementation of policies according to the law.

  2.      To organize and manage basic surveying and mapping and key projects in the province.

  3.      To direct and supervise the management of surveying and mapping results, to examine and release important geographic information and data upon authorize, organize and direct fundamental geographic information services, to manage the national surveying and mapping benchmarks and control systems, to supervise the protection of surveying markers, to manage the coding system of surveying and mapping results, to administer map compilation and supervise representation of geographic names on maps.

  4.      To administrate the surveying and mapping market in the province, to manage the qualifications of surveying and mapping organizations in the province, to manage the registration of surveying and mapping activities, to examine and approve the external supply of surveying and mapping results, and surveying and mapping activities conducted in the province by foreign organizations or individuals, to investigate and deal with serious law-breaking cases in surveying and mapping, and to take charge of the review of related administrative decisions.

  5.      To organize and manage the provincial and administrative boundary in surveying and mapping, to compile standard sample maps defining the boundaries of the province, to exam and define the acreage of administrative boundaries and coast line in the province, to manage the cadastral surveying and mapping in the province and formulate plans for cadastral surveying and mapping and its implementation.

  6.      To manage the standardization and computation of surveying and mapping work in the province upon authorization, to supervise the quality of surveying and mapping products in the province according to the law, to organize and direct the continuing education of the surveying and mapping professionals in the province.

  7.      To exam, approve and report the work of aerial photography and aerial remote sensing, to coordinate to use of aerial photography and remote sensing resources, to organize key technology projects on surveying and mapping and its commercialization, to organize international cooperation and exchanges, to exam and approve the introduction of key surveying and mapping projects.

  8.      To supervise and manage surveying and mapping budget and other earmarked funds, to supervise and manage the construction of its sub-bodies and state-owned asserts.

        To carry out other responsibilities entrusted by the Provincial Government and Provincial Land Resource Department.

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