Jiangsu Local Taxation Bureau

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  Major functions


  (1) To enforce laws, rules and regulations related to local taxation; to participate in drawing up relevant local rules and regulations on tax affairs, study and formulate guidelines on the implementation of the rules and regulations and organize to implement them.

  (2) To draft local tax revenue plans of various categories, distribute them and examine their implementation; to fulfill tasks of local tax collection of various categories.

  (3) To collect taxes of various categories that should be collected by local taxation system according to state laws and regulations as well as funds and fees the Provincial Government decides to collect.

  (4) To take part in the formulation of macro economic policies, apply the taxation leverage, put forward suggestions on local economic development and strengthen the macro regulation function of taxation.

  (5) To set up a sound, scientific, strict and efficient local taxation system and strengthen the law enforcement function of taxation.

  (6) To organize and supervise local tax authorities at various levels, departments and units to correctly implement the relevant local tax laws, rules and regulations; to handle local taxation documents and intensify legal construction of local taxation.

  (7) To administrate, direct and coordinate the checking–up of local taxation in the Province, and investigate and handle serious cases relating to tax evasion; to be responsible for the handling of administrative reconsideration applications and response to administrative actions involving local taxation.

  (8) To publicize state tax laws to enhance tax compliance in the whole society and create a good taxation environment; to study taxation theories and policies, grasp the taxation trends and offer advice on taxation.

  (9) To administrate local taxation authorities below the Provincial level, such as their agency structure, personnel and funds; to be responsible for the administration of directors at local taxation offices of the cities (including Suzhou Industrial Park) directly under Provincial jurisdiction.

  (10) To be responsible for the ideological education, spiritual civilization construction and professional training of cadres at various local taxation offices; to be responsible for discipline supervision and inspection of local taxation offices below the Provincial level.

  (11) To be responsible for the collection and administration of local tax, funds and fees of Province–owned enterprises in Nanjing.

  (12) To handle other relevant work assigned by the Provincial Government and State Administration of Taxation.

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