Provincial State Administration of Taxation

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  Main Functions:

  1.        To implement tax laws, rules and regulations, and draft detailed implementation rules based on the reality of Jiangsu Province;

  2.        To work out tax revenue work plan, assignment and evaluation of Jiangsu Province;

  3.        To enforce the Law of the People’s Republic of China on Tax Administration and the related regulations stipulated by the State Administration of Taxation, reform the tax system and enhance law enforcement;

  4.        To manage and inspect taxes levied by JSAT, collect and administrate local taxes, funds and special duties entrusted by local governments, manage VAT special invoices, regular invoices and other tax bills, administrate certified tax agents and regulate tax agencies;

  5.        To administrate tax on imports and exports and international taxation in Jiangsu Province;

  6.        To supervise tax payers’ compliance of tax laws, regulations and policies, and to deal seriously with tax frauds;

  7.        To arrange tax dispute hearings, administrative reconsideration and litigation proceedings, and to facilitate the rule of law in taxation;

  8.        To exert taxation’s role of regulating and supervising the economy centering on the economic development strategy of Jiangsu and to serve the development of market economy and other social undertakings;

  9.        To supervise and review tax offices’ implementation of tax laws and regulations in Jiangsu;

  10.    To manage human resources, salary, governance structure of local SAT offices, to appoint and supervise the work of directors and deputy directors of municipal SAT and those at the equivalent level, to build leadership and implement civil servant system in JSAT network;

  11.    To train tax staff at all levels of JSAT on professional skills and ethics, and manage taxation schools in Jiangsu Province;

  12.    To improve the working style of JSAT staff as well as the relationship between Party and the general public, to inspect and supervise discipline within the administration;

  13.    To conduct tax revenue accounting, produce statistics, manage the finance, assets and infrastructure construction and undertake auditing and government purchasing;

  14.    To plan and execute the informatization and modernization of JSAT, to build and manage the information system;

  15.    To study tax theories and policies, analyze tax information, grasp the latest development of taxation, publicize tax laws and provide tax consultancy to the public;

         To complete other assignments from State Administration of Taxation and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government.

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