Provincial Earthquake Administration

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  Main Functions:

  1.      To supervise and inspect the effort of earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation in Jiangsu in accordance with relevant laws, regulations and rules; to formulate and implement guidelines and policies regarding earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation as well as local rules, directives and regulatory documents.

  2.      To organize and draft Jiangsu’s program for earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation; to build and improve the program and funding; to manage and supervise the use of funds in earthquake undertakings, infrastructures and projects.

  3.      To build earthquake monitoring and forecast system. To draw the blueprint for the Jiangsu’s earthquake network and information system in line with the national plan and to share resources; to draft and implement the plan of earthquake forecast; to manage the provincial monitor stations and network; to propose the earthquake forecast; to strengthen the earthquake tracking of key surveillance areas; to guide and coordinate the monitoring stations and network at municipality and county level as well as the preparedness and mitigation efforts made by the public; to protect the earthquake surveillance equipment and environment in collaboration with other relevant departments.

  4.      To build prediction and preparedness system in cooperation with other competent departments. To supervise construction projects’ compliance with the quake-resistance criteria and to undertake the seismic safety evaluation, the approval of the results for the projects and to determine the seismic fortification level in Jiangsu Province; to manage the third grade qualification of seismic safety assessment and second-level practitioners’ qualification. To manage the earthquake prediction within the province; to formulate emergency plan for destructive earthquake and check on its implementation; to educate the public about know-how on earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation and to examine the information on earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation for education and awareness raising. 

  5.      To play the role of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government’s commanding headquarter of earthquake relief operations and the general office of Jiangsu Joint Conference of Earthquake Preparedness and Disaster Mitigation; to work with related departments and co-organize the disaster investigation and loss assessment of earthquake; to participate in working out the reconstruction plan for disaster-hit areas.

  6.      To work with relevant departments and build earthquake emergence relief system. To study and develop earthquake emergence response, relief expertise and equipment; to formulate and train cross-department relief team; to assist local government in building emergence relief reserve for key surveillance areas.

  7.      To organize the monitoring and study of reservoir and ocean induced seism city and to prevent secondary disasters in collaboration with other departments.

  8.      To undertake administrative administration and proceedings related to earthquake; to supervise and manage quality and technologies in earthquake-related sectors; to publicize, implement and supervise the technology standards regarding earthquake; to administrate measurement with regard to earthquake.

  9.      To promote the modernization of seism city science and technology, to organize the dissemination of seismic research and its outcomes; to conduct international exchanges and cooperation in this field; to guide and administrate associations and organizations concerning earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation.

  10.  To lead affiliated agencies; to advise municipalities and counties on the work of earthquake preparedness and disaster mitigation.

        To complete other assignments from China Earthquake Administration and Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government.

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