Jiangsu Provincial Meteorological Administration

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  Main Functions:

  1.      To formulate development strategies and plans for local meteorological undertakings and take charge of the concrete implementation; to be responsible for the examination of major construction operation of meteorological facilities; to exercise guidance, supervision and industrial management on meteorological activities across the province.

  2.      To be in charge of the examination and approval of the adjustment proposals of meteorological stations within the given powers and the collection and distribution of meteorological sounding information in the province; to preserve the environment for meteorological sounding in accordance with the law; to take charge of the administration of foreign-related meteorological activities across the province.

  3.      To make arrangements for joint monitoring and forecast  of major weather events among regions or departments, propose timely measures for preventing meteorological disasters and make assessment of severe weather disasters, which shall serve as the decision-making basis for the provincial government to arrange prevention of meteorological disasters; to be in charge of issuing public meteorological forecast, severe weather warning, and specialized meteorological forecasts for agriculture, urban environment, classified fire-risks, etc.

  4.      To make plans for weather modification operations and under the leadership and coordination of the provincial government, administer, guide and arrange for such operations; to be engaged in the organization and management of preventive efforts against disasters caused by thunderstorm and lightning, and, together with other relevant authorities, inspect the lightning protection devices installed on buildings, structures and other facilities likely to be struck by lightning.

  5.      To make proposals to the provincial government and relevant provincial departments regarding the exploitation and protection of climatic resources and the extensive application of positive results yielded from the zoning of climatic resources.; to arrange for climatic feasibility studies relating to projects for the exploitation of climatic resources.

  6.      To launch publicity campaigns on meteorological laws and regulations, supervise the implementation of relevant regulations, make sure violation of provisions set forth in Meteorology Law of the People’s Republic of China receives punishment according to the law and undertake relevant administrative reconsideration cases and administrative litigation cases.

  7.      To play a leadership role in administering the financial planning, staffing, human resources, scientific research, training and business building of meteorological departments across the province; to enable the meteorological agencies to work under the dual leadership of meteorological departments and people’s governments at municipal level with the former enjoying greater power; to help local meteorological departments with the moral, cultural and political progress under the guidance of local CPC committees and governments.

         To undertake other tasks assigned by China Meteorological Administration and the provincial government.

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