Jiangsu Provincial Maritime Safety Administration

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  Main Functions:

  1.    To implement state laws, rules and regulations on ocean administration, environmental protection, water traffic safety, voyage guarantee and inspection of vessels and water facilities; to put into force relevant bilateral and multilateral international treaties, formulate tailored rules for the implementation of the treaties with the actual situation of the area under jurisdiction taken into account, and oversee the implementation.

  2.    To be responsible for the registration administration of ships of domestic and international voyage within the designated area and verifying and issuing legal operation manuals and documents; to be responsible for the administration of vessels of foreign nationality within the area of jurisdiction, processing application of foreign vessels (including those from Hong Kong SAR and Macau SAR) to enter the water area or port that is not open to the outside within the jurisdiction area and reporting to competent authorities for examination and approval following the required procedure.

  3.    To set a qualification standard for ship inspection, pilot stations and sailor management companies; to examine, verify and supervise the qualification and quality system of sailor and pilot training agencies; to provide guidance for ship owners and managers in their implementation of relevant laws, regulations and international conventions as authorized.

  4.    To be responsible for the training, examination and certification of sailors, pilots, magnetic compass adjusters and offshore installation operators, the issuing and management of Seaman’s Record Book and seaman’s entry & exit certificates, the administration of seaman professional training, examination and certification; to coordinate and guide the seaman training, examination and certification functions of branch maritime safety administrations under jurisdiction as authorized.

  5.    To be responsible for the treatment of major water traffic and pollution accidents and the arrangement, guidance and coordination of inspection efforts; to be in charge of organizing and guiding ships’ combat against typhoon, the search and rescue on the water, and the inspection and handling of water traffic accidents, pollution accidents and cases on violating the water traffic laws within the jurisdiction area.

  6.    To take charge of the administration, supervision and guidance of port state control, vessel safety check, entry and exit inspection of foreign ships of international voyage, entry and departure visas of Chinese vessels sailing on domestic routes, compulsory pilotage, shipping safety of hazardous cargo and other goods, berthing safety, and prevention of water pollution by vessels within the jurisdiction area.

  7.    To be responsible for coastal state control, sea area (or water area) patrol, navigational environment management and navigational order maintenance, examination, verification and supervision of construction operation on the surface or underwater, demarcation of anchorage and important water areas, examination and approval of the use of shore lines in harbor areas, and issuing navigational warnings and notices within the jurisdiction area.

  8.    To supervise and guide the inspection work of vessels and facilities on the water within the designated area as authorized.

  9.    To be responsible for the planning, building and management of sea buoy and buoy markers of major coastal ports within the designated area as authorized.

  10.  To be in charge of the inspection, basic measurement, hydrological observation and data collection of certain waters within the designated area and compile and publish related navigation books and materials as authorized.

  11.  To be responsible for the administration and guidance of safe communications on the water within the designated area as authorized.

         To be responsible for the administration and guidance of strategy planning, finance and accounting, fixed assets, fee collection,  

       human resources, payment, technical equipments, technological education, Party-masses relationship, audit, discipline inspection,

       public security, publicity and moral and cultural progress.

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