Jiangsu Provincial Communication Administration

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  Main Functions:

  1.      To implement state policies, laws and regulations on the management of telecom industry; to make overall plans for and exercise industrial management on Jiangsu’s public and private telecommunication networks.

  2.      To be responsible for issuing telecom business operation licenses after verification and network-entry management of telecom equipments within Jiangsu Province; to take care of the administration of prices in telecom services and service quality after consulting with the local price control departments and local administration of quality and technology supervision.

  3.      To ensure the interconnection of and fair access to the public telecom networks; to coordinate the economic and business relations among telecom enterprises.

  4.      To take charge of the distribution and management of telecom network numbers and other public telecom resources as authorized.

  5.      To coordinate communications and information safety and arrange work on emergency communications.

        To undertake other tasks assigned by the Ministry of Information Industry, the CPC Jiangsu Provincial Committee and the provincial government.

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