Jiangsu Environmental Protection Department

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   Major functions

  (1) To implement national guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to environmental protection and to draw up economic, technological, resource distribution and industrial policies relevant to environmental protection jointly with relevant departments; to organize and conduct assessments of environmental impact of major economic and technological policies, development planning and key economic development plans in the Province.

  (2) To draw up environmental protection planning of the Province; to formulate planning of pollution control and prevention and ecological protection in key areas and drainage areas designated by the state and Province and organize the implementation of such planning; to organize the drawing up of the environmental function zoning; to formulate the medium- and long-term planning and annual plans of environmental protection, land resource rectification planning, regional economic development planning, industrial development planning and resource saving and comprehensive usage planning; to participate in the formulation of Provincial city planning and organize examination on city environmental protection planning; to take part in the rectification of natural resources; to draw up and announce to the public environmental statistics and environmental situation in the Province and regularly announce the environmental quality of key cities and drainage areas.

  (3) To supervise and administrate the prevention and control of pollution of air, water body, soil, noise, radiation, solid waste, toxic chemicals and motor vehicles exhaust; to organize and coordinate the prevention and control of water pollution in key areas and drainage areas; to direct, coordinate and supervise the protection of sea environment.

  (4) To supervise the exploitation and utilization activities of natural resources that have impact on the ecological environment, the major environmental protection construction and the rehabilitation work of ecological destruction; to supervise and inspect the environmental protection work of nature protection areas, scenic beauty areas and forest parks; to supervise and exam the bio-diversity protection, wild animals and plants protection and environmental protection work of wetland; to report to Provincial Government the primary examination results of newly built state level and Provincial level nature protection areas; to supervise and administrate nature protection areas of Provincial level and above; to be responsible for the eco-environmental protection in rural areas; to direct the construction of ecological demonstration areas and ecological agriculture; to be responsible for the management of the environmental security of biological technology.

  (5) To administrate environmental protection work in the Province, to supervise and examine pollutant discharge and to investigate and punish behaviors against laws of environmental protection in accordance with laws; to direct and coordinate the handling of key environmental pollution accidents related to various localities and departments, or accidents outside the administrative area and accidents involving more than one drainage areas; to investigate and handle key environmental and ecological pollution accidents; to be responsible for environmental supervision and administrative inspection of environmental protection and the law enforcement of environmental protection in the Province.

  (6) To formulate the scientific and technological development planning related to environmental protection in the Province and organize the key projects of scientific and technological research and technical demonstration related to environmental protection; to administrate the environmental management system in the Province and the management of environmental labels authentication; to set up and implement environmental protection certification system; to direct and promote the development of the environmental protection industries.

  (7) To organize the implementation of various environmental management systems; to take part in the drafting of environmental impact reports of basic construction projects beyond the limits of ratification, technological renovation projects, and state level and Provincial level regional development projects; to be responsible for the supervision of the comprehensive rectification of urban and suburban environment in the Province.

  (8) To be responsible for the work of environmental monitoring and information; to formulate the system and norms of environmental monitoring; to organize the establishment and management of the Provincial level environmental monitoring network and environmental information network; to organize the monitoring of environmental quality and pollution sources; to draft environmental quality reports of the Province; to direct the work of standardization and modernization of various environmental monitoring agencies and the work of certification and quality guarantee.

  (9) To organize and coordinate the work of publicly and education of environmental protection; to promote the public and non governmental organizations to take part in environmental protection.

  (10) To be responsible for international cooperation and exchange of environmental protection; to be responsible for foreign-related environmental protection affairs; to organize the implementation of international environmental protection treaties.

  (11) To be responsible for the supervisory administration of environmental radiation and radioactive wastes; to implement the uniform supervisory administration of pollution prevention and control in electromagnetism radiation, utilization of nuclear technology and the exploitation of radioactive resources; to participate in the supervisory administration of nuclear security work and the emergency response to nuclear accidents and environmental radiation accidents; to execute supervisory administration on nuclear facilities in the Province jointly with State Environmental Protection Administration and to execute security supervision on nuclear material and nuclear equipment.

  (12) To be responsible for the organization of different organs in the Department and the personnel affairs; to implement administrative restructuring in the environmental protection system in the Province.

  (13) To undertake other matters assigned by Provincial Government.


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