Jiangsu Health Department

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  Major functions

  (1) To carry out laws, regulations and policies on public health formulated by the State; to execute public health standards and related technological standards set by the State; to formulate local regulations, standards and related technological standards on public health; to formulate and carry out Provincial plans of public health.

  (2) To study and draw up local public health plans; to coordinate the distribution of public health resources in the Province; to study and draw up plans and policies regarding the development of medical personnel and community public health services as well as organize the implementation those plans and policies.

  (3) To compile the budgets and final accounts of public health funds; to study and put forward suggestions on prices of health care services and to direct and supervise the administration of medical and health care charges in the Province jointly with related departments.

  (4) To study and formulate plans and policies regarding the work of rural hygiene and maternity and child hygiene; to organize the implementation of primary health care plans as well as the special techniques of maternity and child care.

  (5) To implement the policy of prevention first and to organize and carry out the health education of the whole people; to formulate the prevention and treatment planning for serious diseases; to organize the comprehensive prevention and treatment for serious diseases.

  (6) To study and direct the reform of medical institutions; to be responsible for the practice of permit system for medical institutions and medical personnel; to implement state and Provincial standards of medical practice, medical quality, medical service and professional ethical norms.

  (7) To supervise and administrate the collection and supply of blood of blood stations and blood plasma collection stations, as well as the quality of clinical use of blood.

  (8) To study and formulate the development plans for key medical science and technology and medical education in the Province; to organize the tackling of key scientific research programs of medicine and health, and to direct the work of transformation and dissemination of scientific and technological achievements in medical research.

  (9) To be responsible for the supervision and administration of infectious disease prevention and treatment, food hygiene, labor hygiene, hygiene of public places, radiation hygiene and school hygiene; to formulate the Provincial standards for the administration of food hygiene and cosmetics hygiene and be responsible for the related certification.

  (10) To organize and direct the governmental and nongovernmental multilateral and bilateral cooperation and exchanges between the medical and health organization in the Province and their counterparts; to organize medical aid; to organize the exchange and cooperation with international organizations in the medical field.


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