Jiangsu Culture Department

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  Major functions

  (1) To implement and carry out the principles and policies of the CPC and the state on culture and historical relic works; Consigned to draft out the local regulation and rules of law concerned about culture and historical relic administration will be brought into effect after discussion.

  (2) To do research and work out the strategy and plan for the culture and the historical relics of Jiangsu Province; Guide the management reform on culture and historical relics.

  (3) To synthetically administer the cultural affairs of Jiangsu; give priorities to the representative, model and pilot arts and give full play of diversified arts; Organize and guide the major art activity.

  (4) To draft the major policies and plans to guide and coordinate the culture development; Design and guide the key art facilities in the province.

  (5) To manage the cultural market generally; Work with other departments to research and work out the cultural market designing in Jiangsu. Guide the supervision of the cultural market.

  (6) To manage the cultural affairs of the province; Draft the cultural affairs design and take responsibility for its enforcement; Guide the development of the culture sector; Guide and coordinate the important art activity in the province.

  (7) To administrate the libraries in Jiangsu and guide their development and utilization according to the modern standard.

  (8) To research and undertake the training of artists and talents; Guide the research of cultural works.

  (9) To specialize in managing cultural exchanges with Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Macao Special Administrative Region and Taiwan.

  (10) To be in charge of relics protection work in Jiangsu. Supervise the enforcement of ‘The Historic Relics Protection Law of People’s Republic of China’ and related regulations; Manage the archaeology and museums in the province.

  (11) To undertake other work assigned by the Provincial Government.


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