Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Agriculture

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  Major functions

  (1) To study and formulate agricultural and rural economic development strategies, medium-to-long term development plan; Organize the implementation of these programs after being approved; Develop the agricultural development plan and supervise the implementation of the plan.

  (2) To study and formulate agricultural policies, and guide the rational restructuring of agricultural industries, the rational allocation of agricultural resources and the improvement of the products’ quality. Put forward the policy proposals for the prices of related agricultural products and production materials, the circulation of staple agricultural products, rural credit, taxation and agricultural subsidies; Study and draft regional laws and regulations related to planting, forestry, horticulture and livestock husbandry and guarantee their enforcement after approval.

  (3) To participate in the study and put forward proposals for deepening the reform of rural economic systems. Take charge of stabilizing and improving rural basic management systems and policies, and adjust the benefit relations of rural economies; Manage and supervise the work of reducing farmers’ burdens. Guide and supervise rural collective land contracting and contract management, the turnover of arable land using rights, and the management of rural collective assets and the construction of agricultural investment introduction system; Guide and supervise the financial accounting and auditing of rural collective economic organizations; Guide the construction of farmer’s cooperative economic organizations and rural social service systems; Supervise the work of reducing the burden of farmers and the transferring or the use rights of the cultivated land; Work with other authorities to punish illegal activities in increasing the burdens of farmers.

  (4) To study and formulate the construction and development plan of agricultural products market system; Study and formulate the policies related to agricultural industrialized management to promote the integration of pre-production, production and post-harvest; Study and formulate the plan and policies for the province’s vegetable basket (food) program, and organize to implement them; Guide the work of agricultural products processing and circulation. Guide the reform of agricultural products circulating system jointly with the related departments; Study and put forward the proposals on import and export of main agricultural products and important agricultural production materials. Forecast the demand and supply information of agricultural products.

  (5) To participate in organizing the planning of agricultural resources and regional development; Organize the work of ecological agriculture and sustainable agricultural development; Participate in small-scale agricultural field basic construction, land improvement, low-yield land upgrade and the development and the utilization of “four kinds of waste land”; Be responsible for the development and utilization of agricultural land and rural regenerative energy, as well as the protection and management of agricultural biological species resources; Participate in the pilot work of rural modernization.

  (6) To formulate the development plan and the related policies of agricultural scientific research, education, technology extension and its research team set-up; Implement the strategy of revitalizing agriculture through science and education; Organize the selection and implementation of important agricultural research and technological extension projects; Guide the development of agricultural vocational skills.

   (7) To participate in the adoption of technology standards; Organize and implement quality supervision and certification of agricultural products and green food, as well as the protection of agricultural plants’ new varieties; Be responsible for the management of the province’s feed and feed additives; Be responsible for the registration, quality supervision and appraisal of the province’s agricultural inputs’ production and importation, including seeds, seedlings, pesticides, fertilizers, veterinary medicines, feed and feed additives etc.

  (8) To carry out reform in verterinary surgery and organize the supervision of verterinary medicine; Organize, guide and supervise the quarantine work in the province.

  (9) To organize and promote tree planting and conservation for regeneration; Organize and direct water and soil erosion protection and sand control by tree planting and grass cultivation; Direct construction and administration of state-owned forest centers, nurseries, forest parks, collective forest centers and forestry stations; Organize and direct management, investigation, dynamic monitoring and statistics of forest resources in Jiangsu province; Organize and direct protection and rational exploitation of terrestrial wild animals and plant resources; Organize and direct construction and management of nature reserves for forest and terrestrial wild animals under the principles of national and provincial nature reserve divisions and planning; Direct forest public security and construction of forest public security troops; Direct, coordinate and supervise forest fire protection, forest pest control, forest plant quarantine, mediation.

  (10) To guide the enforcement of law in forest. Guide the establishment of the forestry administrative legal system.

  (11) To guide the foreign affairs in agriculture and forestry. Manage the staff in the department and the affiliated units; Encourage the related association to serve the public.

  (12) To take the daily work of Three Project Group work.

  (13) To undertake other affairs entrusted by the provincial government.


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