Jiangsu Water Resources Department

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  Major functions

  (1) To carry out the state laws and regulations related to water. Implement water development plans and policy. Organize to draw up the provincial basin (region) plans about main rivers and streams, and supervise implementation. Administer and manage the water resources according to law.

  (2) To implement the strategy and mid- and long- term plans for the water resources utilization in Jiangsu. Make the comprehensive plan for the planning and protection of the water in major rivers and regions. Organize the planning and evaluation of flood control for major water projects.

  (3) To manage the water resources in unison (including sky water, surface water, ground water); Draft development plan for water resources utilization, allocation and trans-regional and long-term supply and demand and supervise the implementation; Drafting policies, plans and standard for the economy utilization of water resources and organize their implementation; Organize permits and fees regarding water collection. Issue the water resource communique.

  (4) To draft the water protection plan for the province; Organize the division of water function and control the discharge of waste water; Monitor the quantity and quality of water and examine the contaminated degree of water; Note relevant data and measurements of the water in the province.

  (5) To organize and guide water policy to comply with administrative law enforcement; Coordinate and arbitrate water disputes.

  (6) To manage the accounting work in water department; Be responsible for the budget and audit of the capital for water; Guide the water supply, electricity and diversified economy of the water resources; Research and propose economic incentives, such as price, tax revenue, credit, etc.; To encourage water conservancy; Supervise the unit directly under state-run assets of water conservation.

  (7) To determine the large-and-middle-scale water conservancy construction project and draft the appropriate reports.

  (8) To organize water conservation scientific research and promote appropriate technology; Manage cross-province and cross-river   water projects; Guide the treatment and development of rivers, lakes, reservoir, lake and river mouth, coast and mud flats.

  (9) To guide the rural water conservation work; Organize and coordinate irrigation and water conservancy capital construction, rural water and electrification of villages and towns. Guide the water reform work of the low production land and the treatment of the water in hilly areas. Guide the establishment of water service system in the rural areas.

  (10) To guide the water and soil conservation. Organize the observation of soil erosion and comprehensive treatment.

  (11) To guide the technology and foreign affairs in the water sector. Organize the research and promotion of the key water technologies. Build the technological standard of the water projects and supervise their enforcement. Develop public information regarding water resources and provide training for staffs.

  (12) To organize and guide the hydraulic work of the province.

  (13) To be responsible for the flood and drought prevention work of the whole province. Guide the flood and drought prevention work of the key rivers and water projects. 

  (14) To undertake other matters assigned by the leadership of the provincial government.


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