Jiangsu Provincial Department of Transport

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        Major functions

  (1) To implement the guidelines and policies and enforce the laws, rules and regulations related to the development of communications trade; Study and draw up the drafts of local rules and regulations on communications trade and formulate relevant policies in light of the actual circumstances in the province, and organize the implementation of relevant rules, regulations, and policies.

  (2) To be responsible for the construction of the key projects of the state and province. Be responsible for the construction of the public traffic hub station, inland port, inland channel, road passenger and cargo transport site and station, urban transport site and station, etc. and ensure their operation.

  (3) To be responsible for the highway and waterway management and safeguarding fair competition; Optimize transportation structure for sound development; Regulate the transportation of national key equipment/material and emergency cargo/passenger transportation; Administer the transportation market in conjunction with other relevant departments.

  (4) To be responsible for the levy of transportation tax and exercise supervision and internal audit.

  (5) To be responsible for management and monitoring of waterway transportation safety across the territory of Jiangsu province, technical inspection and aid of ships and ship appliances; Checking ships for pollution prevention compliance and be responsible for safety management.

  (6) To study and formulate the science and technology advancement planning and policies, services and technology of communications trade; Organize the research and development of major science and technology items, new products and new technology, and the model selection, development, quality examination and approval of technical equipment of communications trade; Organize the implementation of national transportations technology standards and norms of the trade, and draft the relevant local transportation technology standards and norms of the trade.

  (7) To guide the enforcement of law and restructuring in the communications sector.

  (8) To be responsible for the foreign investment introduction and international cooperation in communications sector.

  (9) To undertake the matters assigned by the Communications War Preparation Office of National Defense Mobilization Commission.

  (10) To manage the personnel of communication department and its affiliated units. Prepare professional personnel training programs for the sector; Give guidance for the development of scientific and technical professional team.

  (11) To undertake other matters assigned by the Provincial Government.

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