Jiangsu Justice Department

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  Major functions:

  (1) To implement the guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations related to the judicial administration work formulated by the central and provincial government; to draw up the drafts of provincial rules, regulations and policies on the judicial administration work, formulate the medium-term, long-term and annual development planning of judicial administration and supervise its implementation.

  (2) To supervise Jiangsu Prison Administration, supervise and direct the work of jail administration.

  (3) To supervise and direct the work of reform through labor.

  (4) To carry out the work of governing the province with laws according to the deployment of the provincial steering team; to direct all districts/counties and all trades to carry out the relevant work of to rule according to law.

  (5) To formulate the plans on the publicity of legal system and the popularization of legal knowledge and supervise the implementation.

  (6) To administrate and direct the work of legal service; to administrate and supervise law firms, notary office, grass roots legal service agencies and social legal consultation agencies and overseas law agencies established in China.

  (7) To administrate and direct legal aid work. To direct the work of the legal service special telephone 148; to administrate and direct the judicial identification oriented to the whole society; to take charge of the registration of the establishment, change and termination of provincial arbitration management committee and the annul examination.

  (8) To administrate and direct people’s mediation work, coordinate and direct the work of replacement and helping and educating persons who are released from criminal penalty and reform through labor, deal with the routine work of the steering team for helping and educating persons who are released from criminal penalty and reform through labor; to participate in the integrated rectification of social security; to administrate and direct the work of legal affairs assistants and grass roots legal service.

  (9) To direct the education of law and the nomology research.

  (10) To exert centralized administration of provincial Laws Institute, Lawyer Association, Notary Association, People’s Intermediary Association, Grass Roots Legal Service Worker Association, Research Institute of the Ideological Political Work of Judicial Administrative System and Laws Journalist Association.

  (11) To direct the work of the rule of law of the whole system; to draft sort and compile the local judicial administrative rules, regulations and documents; to participate in the local legislature and the supervision of administrative law enforcement; to organize the research on the human rights in judicial field; to direct administrative reconsideration cases, responding to administrative litigations, administrative punishment and national compensation; to direct the work related to foreign affairs or affairs of HK, Macao and Taiwan and carry out foreign publicizing and exchanges.


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