Jiangsu Civil Affairs Department

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  Major functions:

  (1) To research and draft the middle and long term plan of provincial civil affairs and annul work plan; to research, make and implement the guideline, policy and relevant regulations of provincial civil affairs; to guide the reform and developing the provincial civil affairs work.

  (2) To draft the administrative rules and regulations of provincial societies; to register and manage the provincial and intercity societies; to propose the standard of membership fee and financial management measures for societies; to supervise societies’ activities; to punish the illegal activities of societies and illegal unregistered organizations which carry out activities in the name of societies; to guide and supervise the registration and management of the societies at the at the municipal and county level.

  (3) To draft the management rules and administrative regulations of private non-enterprise institutions; to take charge of the registration and management of private non-enterprise institutions belonging to the institutions under the supervision of the provincial government; to propose the charging standard and financial management measures; punishing the law-breaking acts of private non-enterprise institutions and unregistered ones, guide and supervise the registration and management of private non-enterprise institutions at the municipal and county level.

  (4) To organize and guide the work of supporting the army and give preferential treatment to military family members; to research and propose and supervise the implementation of the standard for preferential treatment, allowance and subsidy to various types of preferential treatment recipients and the pension standard for the injured and killed national civil servants; to take the responsibility of examining and submitting to the approval of the retroactive recognition and appreciation of the revolutionary martyrs; to direct the management of the preferential treatment institutions and martyr memorial architecture; to examine and apply for the approval of the provincial key protected martyr memorial architecture; to undertake the routine work of the provincial steering work office of supporting the army, give preferential treatment to the family members of servicemen, uphold the party and love the people; 

  (5) To organize and coordinate the salvaging work; to organize the investigation to the situation of the disaster and propose the salvaging plan; to manage and distribute the relief, shoulder the receiving and distribution of the domestic and overseas donation to the provincial government, inspect the use of the relief and donation; to guide and coordinate the post-disaster reconstruction and the self-saving production in the disaster-haunted areas.

  (6) To establish and implement the minimum living security system for both rural and urban residents; to supervise the utilization and management of the minimum living security fund, providing relief to urban and rural poverty-stricken family and other special objects; to guide the construction of rural old age home and support of five-guarantees family; to organize and direct the mutual help poverty-reliving activities; to organize the donation to the counterpart of other provinces( cities and districts).


  (7) To propose the suggestions on strengthening and improving the regime building in the grass roots; direct the democratic election, decision-making, management and supervision of the village committee; to promoting the transparent village affairs and primary democratic politics; to guide the work of urban comminstitutiony committee, formulate the management measures of comminstitutiony work as well as policies of promoting development.

  (8) To draft the general plan of provincial regionalization; to examine and report the establishment, abolishing, adjustment, renaming of the administrative region, change of the borderline and the relocation of the government.

  (9) To make the planning and management measures for the provincial place names; to guide and examine the naming and renaming of the places; to work on the releasing of the standard place names, provide the information of the place names; to standardize the location and management of the place name symbol and promoting the national standard of the place name board; to collect and sort the place name material and managing the files and information system of the place names.

  (10) To organize, coordinate and guide the survey and management of the administrative boarder at the municipal and county level, participate in the investigation into the provincial border disputes and investigate and handle the boarder disputes of the provincial level cities. 

  (11) To draft and implement the social welfare development plan; to direct the management of social welfare institutions and promoting the popularization of social welfare; to carry out the administrative management to protect the rights and interests of special disadvantaged group like elderly people, orphans and five-guarantees families; to direct the work of protecting the rights and interests of the disabled; to propose and implement the authorized standard for social welfare enterprises and support and protection policies.

  (12) To supervise the implementation of the guideline and regulations of domestic and overseas marriage management; to direct marriage management work and handle the transnational marriage; to advocate the reform on marriage customs.

  (13) To promote the reform of funeral and interment and direct its management.

  (14) To take charge of the domestic and transnational child adoption; to direct the relieving and handle the work on the urban homeless roamers and beggars.

  (15) To draft the rules and regulations on provincial old age work; study and propose the policy, measure and plan of the development of old age work and draft the implementation advice; to implement the decision made by the Provincial Old Age Work Committee; to contact and coordinate the work of the members of the Provincial Old Age Work Committee.

  (16) To research and propose the regulation and implementation measures of provincial welfare lottery work and direct its issuing and management.

  (17) To take charge of the administrative review of the civil affairs; handling letters and visits; to direct the work of complaints and visits of the municipal and county civil system; to carry out the international cooperation and exchanges in civil affairs; to take part in foreign activities concerning civil affairs.

  (18) To direct the financial management of municipal and county civil affairs authorities and supervise the expenditure.

  (19) To undertake the tasks assigned by provincial government

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