Jiangsu Provincial Commission of Economy and Information Technology

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    Major functions


       (1) To take part in the research and laying out of the national economic development strategies and objectives, make research and analysis about major problems in the economic and trade work and make opinions and suggestions; to be in charge of making and implementing the layouts and plans of industry and commerce and trade of the province; to make comprehensive economic regulations rules and policies in industry, trade and commerce and organize implementation; to collect, sort and declare economic information.

  (2) To make and implement the regulations and control objectives, policies and measures of economic operation, supervise and analyze the economic momentum of the province; to guide and adjust the economic operation with relevant departments, to coordinate to resolve the contradictions and problems occurred in the economic operation; to organize and guide industrial enterprises to turn losses into profits; to be in charge of the coordinated work of comprehensive transportation.

  (3) To make implementation opinions about implementing national industrial policies; to guide the industrial and commercial structural adjustment of the province, make and implement the layout of industrial and commercial structural adjustment and opinions of annual structural adjustment of the province; to make adjustment plans of key industries and key production; to coordinate the reorganization of major capital of enterprises.

  (4) To research and plan the investment distribution of competitive industries, guide the investment direction of industrial and commercial enterprises, financial institutions and social capital, to be in charge of the management of technological renovation investment projects of industrial and commercial enterprises; to supervise the investment direction of collected fund of listed companies; to bring out and implement relevant policies to encourage enterprises to carry out technological renovation; to supervise and inspect the key technological renovation investment projects supported by the nation and the province.

  (5) To research and bring out the policies of technological advances, technological import and the nationalization of major equipment; to guide the technological innovation of enterprises, coordinate the implementation of the national key technological innovation projects, the digestion and absorption of key imported technology and other projects; to guide the industrialization of enterprises’ hi-tech, take part in the recognition of provincial-level hi-tech enterprises and high technology; to guide and promote the establishment of enterprises’ technological innovation system; to guide the research and production of key technological equipment and the combination of producing, learning and researching; to put under centralized management of the three technological charges; to be in charge of promoting enterprises’ informatization; to be responsible for the saving and comprehensive utilization of resources; to draw up environmental protection policies and development plans, and organize to coordinate the industrial environmental protection and the environmental protection industry.

  (6) To implement the industrial management of industry and circulation industry, formulate industrial layouts, plans, regulations and policies, and to be responsible for the economic readjustment, investment and finance direction and technological innovation of the industry and circulation industry, to contact and guide the work of relevant industrial associations and other social agencies in the industrial and commercial field of the province.

  (7) To implement macro economic regulations and controls and guidances to enterprises of all kinds of economy and standardize enterprises’ behavior; to study and formulate policies and measures of state-owned enterprises’ reform and development and promote the establishment of modern enterprises’ system; to guide relevant work of the strategic readjustment of state-owned economic arrangement and the strategic reorganization of state-owned enterprises and to be responsible for the approval of the establishment of provincial level key enterprises; to guide the administration of production quality of industrial and commercial enterprises of the province, and organize enterprises to implement brand name strategy; to guide small and medium sized enterprises and privately owned enterprises to reform and develop; to study and formulate policies and regulations to supervise and regulate enterprises’ state-owned capital in industry and commerce and trade fields, analyze and evaluate the operation situation of supervised capital; to organize and coordinate burden relief of enterprises; to guide internal law consultation of enterprises of the province; to guide and organize the training of economic administration cadres and enterprises’ administration personnel, and guide the wisdom importation of enterprises.

  (8) To study and guide the reform of circulation system of the province, to make relevant policies of circulation system and organize implementation of these policies; to foster, develop and perfect the market system, and make regulations and policies to normalize circulation order; to supervise and analyze market operation and the supply and need situation of key products and implement regulation and control; to organize enterprises engaged in industrial and commercial and trade material circulation to explore domestic and foreign markets; to guide and foster all kinds of modern circulation organizations.

  (9) To organize, draft and implement local regulations and policies relevant to village and township enterprisesto make development layouts and annual plans for village and township enterprises; to guide system reform, capital operation, management and supervision of village and township enterprises; to organize for drawing up and implementing regulations of structural readjustment and technological innovation of village and township enterprises; to guide finance and accounting and internal auditing of village and township enterprises; to organize statistical work of village and township enterprises; to guide the construction of service system of village and township enterprises.

  (10) To study and draw up relevant policies of foreign capital usage, guide the foreign capital usage of industrial and commercial enterprises, and approve and report the technological-reform-project suggestion paper and feasibility report of foreign capital usage of industrial and commercial enterprises; to supervise the production and management of foreign invested enterprises, coordinate to resolve relevant problems occurred during the operation of foreign invested enterprises; to be in charge of the import and export of staple key industrial production and raw material, guide enterprises to do import and export, guide enterprises to explore internationalization operation and foreign investment; to organize small-and-medium sized enterprises to explore international cooperation; to be in charge of the investigation of anti-subsidy, anti-dumping of enterprises and enterprises’ damage after WTO entry; to take charge of relevant foreign affairs management in industrial and commercial fields.

  (11) To manage safe production work of the province in a comprehensive way, and to practice national supervison authority to safe production; to draw up comprehensive policies and regulations of safe production of the province; to coordinate to deal with major safety accidents.

  (12) To undertake such work assigned by the State Council as supporting Lhasa geared to the need, cooperating to relieve Shaanxi out of poverty, accepting immigrants from Three Gorges, and supporting Three Gorges and Ili State of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region geared to the need, and explore economic cooperation and exchanges with sister provinces and regions.

  (13) To undertake other matters assigned by provincial government.


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