Jiangsu Development and Reform Commission

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  Major functions


  (1) To study and set out the strategic objectives for national economy and social development of the province, make and implement the medium-and-long term layout and annual plan of the national economy and social development; to harmonize the comprehensive balance and key ratio relations of such major economic aggregates as social total need and total supply.

  (2) To guide the implementation of industrial policies in a macro way, do well the forecast, pre-warning and analysis and research of macro economy, harmonize finance, credit, price and other economic levers and economic resorts under direct control of the province in a comprehensive way, bring about direct financing development strategies and policies together with relevant departments, make and supervise the implementation of direct financing development layout.

  (3) To organize or participate into the draft, examination and coordination of economic laws and regulations; to guide and coordinate the inviting public bidding affairs throughout the province, draw out relevant regulations and policies of bidding, research and institute plan system and reform plan of investment system and organize implementation with relevant departments.

  (4) To draw up and harmonize the policies of national land renovation, development, usage and protection; to research, institute and implement the regional economic development plan and zoological environmental construction, resources development and productivity distribution plan; to make development plan of civilization with relevant departments, solve relevant problems occurred during the civilization; to take the lead to be in charge of the general plan of development areas, in charge of the implementation of the annual plan, to do well the initial approval and report work of relevant key projects, guide and promote the optimization of economic structure of the province and the coordinated development of regional economy.

  (5) To bring out the total scale, structure and capital resources of social fixed assets investment; to arrange financial construction capital at provincial level; to guide and supervise the usage of foreign loan construction capital, guide and supervise the usage direction of policy loans. To research macro readjustment and control policies of investment, in charge of the verification and the report for approval of the establishment file, initial design, starting report and completing check and acceptance of national capitalized large-and-medium sized infrastructure projects; to arrange provincial-level invested construction projects, major construction projects, major foreign capitalized projects and projects invested in foreign countries.

  (6) To study the rural economic development strategy, make rural economic development layout and annual plan; to match and balance the development plans and policies of agriculture, forestry and water, organize the making and approval of key agricultural projects, coordinate problems occurred during the implementation of major projects; to study and bring out storage plans of key material.

  (7) To map out the development strategies of infrastructure industry and hi-tech industry, in charge of the coordination, balance and matching between industrial and commercial plan and other plans. To push ahead the industrialization of key scientific and technological fruits; to take the lead to take charge of the special plan of information and making strategies of rare earth industry; to be in charge of the mobilization work of national economy of the province.

  (8) To be in charge of coordinating the development of the tertiary industry, researching and making and implementing the tertiary industry development plan, relevant policies and measures; to take the lead to take charge of the reform of cereal circulation system, study and bring out relevant readjustment and control policies of cereal storage, do well the relevant work about cereal warehouse construction with relevant departments. To guide and supervise the national ordering, storage and launching of key material, bring out readjustment and control policies of key production, guide and regulate and control the market; to be in charge of the macro guidance of goods price of the province and balance the total level of price.

  (9) To research and bring out the objective policies of development strategies, aggregate balance and structural optimization of foreign trade, economic cooperation and foreign capital usage of the province, to make out the total scale of the use of foreign capital of the province, make out the plans of foreign direct investment and investment in foreign countries; to be in charge of the report and approval of foreign investment projects and projects invested in foreign countries within the authority; to study the balance between import and export of key production of the province, organize the implementation of the import and export plans of key production; to be in charge of the aggregate control, structural optimization and supervision of the complete caliber foreign liabilities of the province, making both ends meet internationally.

  (10) To regulate, coordinate and manage social development, bring out mutual benefiting policies of economic and social coordinated development, balance such social causes as science and technology, education, culture, sports, tourism and health with the total national economy and social development, solve key problems occurred during the development of all social causes.

  (11) To take charge of the horizontal economic coalition and economic coordination of the province, in charge of the geared support and western development.

  (12) To undertake other matters assigned by provincial government.

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