Works Related to Improve Scientific Literacy for All Accelerated

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  On May 4th, the Leaders’ Exclusive Meeting for Work Related to Improve Scientific Literacy for All was held in Nanjing. Vice Governor and Head of the Leaders’ Group Mr. Zhang Jinghua attend and addressed the meeting.

  Since last year, related departments in different localities in Jiangsu had been collaborating together to earnestly implement the Guidance of Action Plan for Improving Scientific Literacy for All 2016-2020, and had registered major progress. According to the survey, 9.5% of the whole population in Jiangsu Province was equipped with scientific literacy in 2016.

  In his speech, Zhang Jinghua said that it is of fundamental significance to widely spread knowledge of science and to improve citizens’ scientific literacy for building an innovative and technologically competent province. According to the overall arrangements by the Central Government, Jiangsu CPC Province Committee as well as Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government, an innovation-driven development requests us to give more weight to the work related to improve scientific literacy for all the people, and it is also a new prerequisite for Jiangsu to focus on innovation and improving people’s wellbeing and finishing building a full-fledged society of initial prosperity. Publicity tools shall be wisely used to educate the targeted group of people, to make new ways to disseminate knowledge of science, and to delivery better public services to people by universalizing scientific knowledge. A modern system to spread knowledge of science shall be improved by enhancing the infrastructure, resources development and IT application to increase effective supply of resources of scientific knowledge. An effective mechanism for promotion shall be in place to better organize the work related to improve scientific literacy for all by highlighting the grassroots organizations, the team building and collaboration of different departments or agencies, so that new progress and new breakthroughs can be made in an innovation-driven development.

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