2017 International Summit of New Environmental Protection Technology Opens in Nanjing with Presence of Li Qiang and Li Ganjie Wu Zhenglong Addresses the Opening Ceremony

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  On June 5th World Environment Day, 2017 International Summit of New Environmental Protection Technology co-sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government and Ministry of Environment Protection opened at Nanjing International Exposition Center. Party Sectary of CPC Jiangsu Committee Mr. Li Qiang and Party Secretary of MEP Mr. Li Ganjie attended the opening ceremony and together launched an online relay activity “actions by all to kindle the green China”. Acting Governor of Jiangsu Mr. Wu Zhenglong and Mr. Li Ganjie delivered speeches at the opening ceremony.

  Prior to the Summit, Li Qiang, Li Ganjie, Wu zhenglong and other officials met with foreign guests attending the event from Israel, Denmark, U.S. and Germany. Li Qiang said this Summit is expected to enhance closer cooperation in environmental and ecological protection between Jiangsu and other countries, to bring about more results out of cooperation so as to safeguard our ecological environment and promote green development. Li Qiang, Li Ganjie, and Wu zhenglong made on-site investigation over the companies home and abroad attending this year’s event. They visited the booths of companies from Israel, Denmark, Italy, France and Germany, as well as those domestic companies and organizations including Jiangsu Environment Monitoring Center, Dongjiang Environment and Yonker EP Ltd. They conversed with the superintendents and the technical staff from these companies to gain more knowledge about the new technologies and research results showcased this year. They expressed hopes that this Summit would better facilitate environmental protection technology extension and application and incentivize intensive scientific researches to bring more benefits to human society.

  Entrusted by Party Secretary Li Qiang, Wu Zhenglong conveyed welcome to the guests both home and abroad on behalf of CPC Jiangsu Committee and Jiangsu Provincial People’ Government. He said that Jiangsu is now fully implementing the thrust of a series of important speeches made by President Xi Jinping, especially the one he delivered during his visit to Jiangsu. “ Green is gold” has become a strong driving force for Jiangsu to focus on innovation and improvement of people’s well-being in the process of finishing building a full-fledged society of initial prosperity, and to speed up building a new Jiangsu with strong economy, affluent people, beautiful environment and high social civility. We will take initiative to adopt the new development philosophy, promote and apply the new environment protection technology and enhance international exchanges and cooperation in this respect to create synergy for a promising future of green development.

  Li Ganjie addressed the audience on behalf of the MEP. He said that a good environment is not only natural wealth, but also social and economic wealth. Everyone should take action and advocate for green development and green lifestyle. The government is committed to affordable and applicable solutions to the existing problems by encouraging innovation, industry-university-research integration, and international exchanges and cooperation, and to new progress in green technology for China’s green development and a beautiful future for all.

  Erik Solheim, UN Deputy Secretary General and UNEP Executive Director appeared in a video at the opening ceremony to commemorate the World Environment Day. He spoke highly of China, Jiangsu included, for its tremendous endeavor in environment governance and development of new technology. He placed great expectations on China to play a bigger role in strengthening global environment governance. Jerry Brown, Governor of California, U.S., Anders Carsten Damsgaard, Danish Ambassador to China and Alon Zask, Israeli Deputy Environment Minister delivered speeches respectively.

  Other keynote speakers included Michael Hoffman, Academician of Caltech, Prof. Zhu Tong, Dean of School of Environment Science and Engineering, Peking University, Hoegg Peter Elexius Georg, CEO of Zublin International GmbH and Zhu Xufeng, Director of Yixing Environment Science Park Administration.

  Themed as “environment protection new technology fueling up green development”, this year’s Summit received nearly 700 guests and 300 environment research agencies and companies around the world. Over ten separate themed activities were to be held during the course of the Summit, including Workshop and Promotion of Major Special Technologies for Control and Treatment of Polluted Waters, the “Road and Belt” Environment Technology Seminar and the Green Trade Forum.

  Fan Jinlong, Member of the Standing Committee and Secretary General of CPC Jiangsu Committee, Vice Governor Zhang Jinhua, and Wang Qi, Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Government attended the opening ceremonies and other functions.

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