Ma Qiulin meets with Vice Governor of Aichi Prefecture

updated on: 2017-06-09  source:

  Vice Governor Ma Qiulin met his counterpart of Aichi Prefecture Vice Governor Morioka Senta on 9th June in Nanjing.

  Ma Qiulin said that over 37 years since Jiangsu and Aichi became sister-provinces/prefectures, the two jurisdictions had been witnessing practical cooperation in many sectors including economic and trade, environment protection, cultural exchanges and others. Over 200 companies from Aichi, Toyota Motor included, had made investment or set up offices in Jiangsu. Non-governmental exchanges had also been very lively. He suggested that the two governments renew the efforts in enhancing cooperation, encouraging exchanges between institutes of higher learning, cultural organizations as well as artistic groups, and strengthening youth exchanges for a solid foundation of a sustainable friendly relationship.

  Morioka Senta commended Ma’s suggestions and he said that as economic and cultural center in central and eastern Japan, manufacturing-dominated Aichi Prefecture enjoyed very sound foundation to conduct cooperation with Jiangsu. Exchanges in many more arenas were expected to come in the future.

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